Starting with version 2.0, the powermail extension has a new concept to configure the email address used to send a feedback mail to the user who has submited an online form.

The documentation recommends to activate the “This field contains the Email of the sender” checkbox for the form field the user should put his email adress in. With the powermail version 2.0.6, this setting seems to have no effect and the user does not receive any confirmation mail.
Email Form Field

According to the document, another way to configure the field to be used as the form sender’s email adress is to put in the according form field variable in the configuration field of the form:
Trying to put in the variable referencing the email field (e.g. {e_mail}):
Sender E-Mail Variable Input
ends up with an error message (“”) because of an invalid e-mail format:

As a result, this configuration will not work out. Even worse: The field can not be cleared again.

The only way I figured out to fix the configuration was to overwrite the sender’s email and name in an extension template for the page setting them to the fluid variable referencing the according form fields:


Template Constants to override powermail sender

Powermail 2.0.x: Enable Dynamic Sender Fields

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