CoolUri is a nice typo3 extension for getting searchengine friendly URLs. It is configured by an xml file defining how to generate links and process incoming requests.

If you use the tt_news extension to publish news on you site, cooluri provides you with a default configuration to generate nice urls for your news articles.

SELECT title FROM tt_news WHERE uid=$1


However, this default snippet is not complete if you have news lists with more news items than the maximum to be displayed on a single page. In such a case, you tt_news provides a pagination below the news list to switch to further pages listing more news. This pagination is not supported by the default CoolURI configuration. If you click on a pagination link, you will stuck on the first page.

To fix this issue, you need to teach CoolURI about the pointer parameter of cooluri. Just search the xml snippet presented above in your CoolURI configuration (CoolUriConf.xml) and add the following lines:


Refresh Typo3 cache and there you go.

As an example, you can check out the news archive on :

Typo3 tt_news Pagination with CoolURI

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