Have you ever been in the situation facing a really grown software product that seems to be a code mess and nothing more?
One might consider it best to take what you’ve learned from this implementation, throw it away and re-implement it from scratch. But are your really able to do this?

There are two really nice blog posts providing examples where companies failed to re-implement their software and disuss the reasons for this:

So re-check if you really want to rewrite your software and better think about a smooth and controlled modernization before throwing away your business.

The long and short of it can be summed up quite simply: this is why your Phoenix business needs custom development software. Trying to use someone else’s tools will soon lead to bumps in the road; it wasn’t custom built for your needs, but theirs after all. You will find that there are things that seem easy at first but that thanks to this tool that specializes in something else it is far more complicated. A custom built piece of software can be constructed from the ground up to suit your needs, and be as effective as them as you require.

In the long run, you’ll find the time and stress saved from using custom software built for your business’s particular needs has added up and proven beneficial at an incalculable level.

Do you really want to rewrite your software?

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