CoolURI (cooluri) is one of the most popular Typo3 extensions for SEO and user friendly URLs. It enables Typo3 to use URLs, such as instead of
In addition, Typo3 is able to manage multiple domains with a single Typo3 installation.

However, using CoolUri and multiple domains at the same time, can lead to a lot of problems to make this working. In the following, I describe how to set you installation to make this working.

First of all, you should set up your multiple websites in the single installation with a structure like:

- Website1 Root
-- Subsites
- Website2 Root
-- Subsites

Make sure, that Website1 Root and Website2 Root are defined as website roots. These pages should also contain the templates specifying the details of the websites.
The website templates should contain the following settings in the setup section:
simulateStaticDocuments = 0
simulateStaticDocuments_noTypeIfNoTitle = 1
tx_cooluri_enable = 1
redirectOldLinksToNew = 1
baseURL =

The base url of the website should be set including the www prefix.

The next important step is to specify the domain records the individual website root should be responsible for. To support users requesting the website with or without the www prefix, you should specify two domain records one as “” and one as “”. It is necessary to place the domain records in the order “” before “”.

As a next step, make sure that your cooluri extension is configured to support multidomain websites. You can enables this in the extension manager by clicking on the loaded cooluri extension and activating the multidomain site checkbox.

Next, you should configured the CoolUriConf.xml file. By default, this should be located at typo3conf/CoolUriConf.xml. The configuration at the end of this post has been proven to be valid and working on multi domain websites.

At a last step, you should clear the all caches of the website by clicking on the flash icon at the top right of the Typo3 Backend and completely clear the CoolUri cache. The latter can be done in the CoolUri module (In the left menu marked with a smiley icon) and click the button “Delete everything and start again” on the tab “Delete / Update all”.


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Typo3 CoolUri multidomain configuration

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